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Installing OneLoader

OneLoader is the de-facto standard ModLoader to use for modding OMORI, and installing it is a required step in order to begin using or creating mods.

For existing users of GOMORI

NOTE: If you have previously used GOMORI, It is recommended to first perform a full re-installation of the game prior to continuing. Alternatively, you can use the One Loader Installer GOMORI mod, though it's reliability is uncertain in some scenarios.

For new users

  1. Download The latest release of OneLoader and save it somewhere accessible.
  2. Access the main game folder:
    1. Right click on OMORI in your steam library
    2. Select manage
    3. Click “Browse local files”
  3. Drag the www folder from the zip file into the OMORI folder

Video showcasing the procedure

What next?

After you install OneLoader, install them as follows:

  1. Open the game folder following the same steps as during the installation of OneLoader
  2. Go to www
  3. Go to mods
  4. Drag your mods in here as zip files or folders
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