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Making Brand New Battles

All examples used in this section are from The HERO Cooking Show!

Special thanks to sunny#0007 and DevaliousL#3317, they taught me some of the stuff here!

Now that you have your custom skills, you need to apply them somewhere! What better place than your very own battle? In order to do this, you will need a copy of RPG Maker MV!


These are things you will need before opening RPG Maker.

  • Battle Background [img/battlebacks1/]

You will need your battle background ready and at hand. Refer back to earlier in this document to see how exactly you should be making your battle backgrounds fit in with OMORI.

  • Character(s)/Sprite(s) [img/characters/]

Your battle needs to be tied to some sort of character or sprite. You’ll need to have created your sprite sheet by this point. A tip with these are copying another sprite sheet straight from the game and drawing over it. A great program for this is Aseprite.

  • In-Battle Character(s) [img/enemies/ , img/sv_actors/]

This is the drawing that you’ll see in battle. Within img/enemies/ should be a singular picture. In img/sv_actors/, there should be the full sheet, both of these are pictured below.

The image below reflects that of the one in img/enemies/.

The image below reflects that of the one in img/sv_actors/.

Both of these images should be named the same, starting with an exclamation point. For both of these, I named them !battle_hero, fitting with the rest of the battle image formats.

  • Game Text

You’ll need the in and outside of battle text ready and in .yml files. I suggest making 2 brand new files, one for overworld text, and one for in-battle text. Name them something you’ll remember, such as cooking_show.yml

If you need help writing up your dialogue, refer to this page.

Once you have all of this done and neatly bundled up in you www_playtest folder, get ready because the fun starts now!

[note: not responsible if this is more like torture than fun for you -ayaan]

Enemies Tab

Once you’ve opened up RPG Maker, click on the gear icon at the top of the screen. You’ll be greeted with the following screen:

If you notice, 7-9 on the list of enemies are empty. These empty spaces are where you’d go in order to work on your enemy. However, it’d be much better if you scrolled to the bottom and took one of the many empty spots in there, as, depending on what you’re doing with your boss, you’ll need 4 spots total.

Note: Action Patterns tab isn’t normally used, what’s done there (skills) is done in the Note tab.

  • General Settings

Congratulations, you've now found the empty spot your brilliant boss will be residing in. You'll see the following screen:


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